There are two explanations for the Provenge trial data: a therapy which has shown no antitumor activity, and no evidence of mechanism:

  1. Original Explanation: Provenge increased survival relative to the "placebo"
  2. Alternative Explanation: The so-called "placebo" was harmful and the data suggest Provenge shortens survival by many months

Because of the flawed trial design neither explanation is proven. But evidence from other studies showing that the so-called "placebo" would be harmful, together with problematic unpublished data from these trials, dramatically shift the balance of which is more likely.

This video is for anyone motivated to understand the two explanations and decide for themselves which one the data support. If you're familiar with the history and design of the Provenge trials, please skip forwards to minute 19.

Download transcript: UnderstandingProvenge.pdf

Download summary: DebateSummary.pdf *coming soon*

For an audience that includes urologic oncologists, immune aging researchers and non-scientists, and because my intent is not superficial persuasion but to educate and empower with understanding, the video runs just over 60 minutes. For patients considering this therapy, this is a small investment. A 10 minute summary video is coming soon.

I am the first author of a paper highlighting the unpublished data, and proposing the alternative explanation which will be published in a top, peer-reviewed oncology journal, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, in February 2012. My highly-respected co-authors include two urologists who are leaders in prostate cancer research, and a research scientist with expertise in vaccine efficacy and the impact of aging on the immune system.

The JNCI Paper: Interdisciplinary Critique of Sipuleucel-T as Immunotherapy in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

The rest of this website provides related information, supplementary details and links to all source materials to aid further research.

After viewing the video, if you would like to help stimulate this long-overdue public debate, please visit the Get Involved page.

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