Background Science

Selections of key research from the scientific literature

(slides with notes pages, and links to all source documents, suitable for browsing for the non-scientist, or as starting point for in-depth research. All documents below available as single downloadable file here: Background_Science_for_Alternative_Explanation.pdf)

Immune Aging and Vaccine Efficacy
       • Immune_Aging_and_Vaccine_Efficacy.pdf

Immune Aging and Cancer
       • Immune_Aging_and_Cancer.pdf

Immune Aging and Cancer Vaccines
       • Immune_Aging_and_Cancer_Vaccines.pdf

Immune Aging Mechanisms: T Cell Population Changes and Thymic Decline
       • Immune_Aging_Mechanisms.pdf

Immune Aging Overview and Review Articles
       • Immunosenescence_Overview.pdf

Handbook on Immunosenescence (Contents and abstracts from select chapters)
       • Handbook_on_Immunosenescence.pdf

Consequences of Immunodepletion – (Known functional impairments and their relevance)
       • Immunodepletion_Consequences.pdf

Prognosis in late-stage Prostate Cancer (age did not predict survival in other large trials)
       • Prostate_Cancer_Prognosis.pdf (coming soon)

Prostatic Acid Phosphatase, Immune Tolerance, and Other Relevant Issues
       • Other_Issues.pdf (coming soon)

Links for further learning

ITunes University – Free courses in Immunology – pitched at a graduate level
       • Trinity College Dublin, “Immunology Graduate Course”
             • 14 lectures, no visuals (40-50 mins each) Lecturers impart their infectious enthusiasm for the subject (and have wonderful accents)

       • University of Massachusetts, Boston, “Intro to Immunology”
             • 28 lectures, audio-with-slides or audio-only options, (50 mins each). Again, excellent lecturer. Somewhat slower and more comprehensive
               than TCD course.

How Traditional Vaccines Work