The Unpublished Data

Hunting the Cell Loss Data

*NEW*: "Placebo" patients had 20 billion lymphocytes removed. This is NOT a 'sugar pill'

Both the JNCI paper and this website refer to the numbers and percentages of cells lost from patients in the two arms of the trials. However, these data do not appear anywhere in the published or internal FDA documents and were arduous to derive. This document shows where the key information was sourced, and walks through the steps required to arrive at the final answers. Hunting the Cell Loss Data.pdf

Statistical Analysis of the Age Data

*NEW*: Interaction of placebo intervention with age was more significant than treatment effect

Both the JNCI paper and this website refer to the statistical significance of the problematic age data. The analysis calculates backwards from the medians and confidence intervals (which is less accurate than if the raw data were public), yet the conclusions are so prominent that they cannot be ignored. This document steps through the analysis conducted by a statistician and the conclusions which one might draw with no a priori expectations. Statistical Analysis of the Age Data.pdf


The “Alternative Explanation” was proposed after considering the balance of evidence offered when considering both published and unpublished data. Published data from the medical literature and company presentations was combined with unpublished data from the following sources:

FDA Provenge Approval Documents – released after approval:

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2010 Summary Basis for Regulatory Action

2010 Clinical Review

2010 Final CMC Review

2010 Medical Officer’s Review Memorandum

2010 Statistical Review and Evaluation

2009 Pre-BLA Meeting Notes

2007 Clinical Team Leader BLA Review Memo

2007 Medical Review

2007 Pharmacology & Toxicology Review

2007 Statistical Review

2007 Teleconference Memmorandum

2007 FDA Advisory Committee Meeting - available since 2007:

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2010 AHRQ Technology Assessment for Medicare

February 2010 Technology Assessment

Dendreon at Medical Conferences - Posters and Presentations

June 2010 - ASCO Presentation - Correlation between Cumulative Product Parameters and Overall Survival

June 2010 - ASCO Poster - Correlation between Cumulative Product Parameters and Overall Survival

June 2011 - ASCO Poster - Post-Progression Treatment with APC8015F may have Prolonged Survival in the Control Arm of Provenge Trials

Dendreon Patents

US 6,210,662 - 2001 Patent on PAP-GMCSF Antigen

US 7,413,869 - 2008 Patent on 'Method for determining potency of APC-based cell vaccines